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As a family, we have frequently enjoyed the ambience candles provide throughout our home.

Whether for a special occasion such as a romantic anniversary dinner or simply to enhance a relaxing evening with friends; candles have always had a meaningful role in our gatherings with loved ones.

We first stumbled upon the “Living Light” collection during a holiday together while searching for unique and durable gifts to bring home to our family. Instantly, we were captivated by the unusual and innovative design of the Icicle candles. They were unique not only in their initial appearance but also in the ethereal shape into which they transform as they melt.

Of course, the Icicle candles are only the “Tip of the Iceberg” in “Living Light's” contemporary range.

Our candles are made from 100% soy, plant and bees wax.  Hundreds of hours have been spent testing for the perfect cotton wick to match the fragrance and wax combination, as this is the key to a quality burning candle.

We feel privileged to be given the opportunity to offer the “Living Light" Collection of products to you and your family in Australia and hope that you derive as much pleasure from these superior products as we do.

Anne & Ian